man and woman receiving a couple's massage in a spa

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The art of massage is ancient. Massage is one of the best ways to relieve stress and tension or to simply stimulate tired muscles, increase circulation, and bring relaxation

Swedish Massage

The kneading and long strokes used in Swedish Massage increases circulation, improves skin and muscle tone and soothes tired muscles.

Time Price
1/2 Hour $45
50 Minutes $65
1-1/2 Hour $110
Chair Massage (15 minutes) $20

Couple’s Massage

Who needs dinner and a movie when you can steal an hour away just for the two of you to relax, unwind, and de-stress? Experience the essence of sharing your time at the spa with a friend or loved one in our relaxing room. Perfect for any occasion.

Time Price
50 minutes $130

 Champagne Scrub with Massage

This incredible treatment starts with a full body exfoliation that will smooth and re-hydrate your tired skin. The delicious scent stays with you as you enjoy a warm shower to get ready for your massage. An application of our rich butter cream follows, and as if that weren’t enough, a 50 minute Swedish massage brings you to a state of ultimate relaxation. A truly magical experience.

Time Price
50 minutes $110

Hot Stone Therapy

Our treatment combines tension-releasing massage techniques with smooth basalt lava stones as an extenuation of your therapist’s hand. The warmth and weight of the stones relax muscle tissue, allowing you to experience profound relaxation and balance.

Time Price
50 minutes $80

Prenatal Massage

Taking time for yourself during pregnancy can be uplifting emotionally. The soothing essence of massage allows pregnant moms to unwind and feel serene, healthy, and comforted during a period of added physical and emotional stress.

Time Price
50 minutes $75
1/2 hour $50

Sports Massage

Before or after a strenuous workout, marathon, or bike race – ease the sore/strained muscles. It will shorten recovery time and increase energy and endurance.

Time Price
50 minutes $80

Deep Tissue Massage

Full body massage with focus on specific painful, tight, or stressed areas using deeper techniques. Aiding the body to help heal itself.

Time Price
50 minutes $80
1/2 hour $45

Scalp, Neck, and Shoulder Massage

Indulge yourself in 30 minutes of sheer bliss, allowing your body and mind to drift away as your scalp is massaged. Your massage therapist works out tight-knots and tension in the neck and shoulders.

Time Price
30 minutes $45

Cory’s Elements Massage

The unique massage helps reduce muscle tension, soreness, and inflammation while increasing energy. We send you home with a full size bottle of The Elements Spray.

Time Price
75 minutes $100

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage Therapy

Our full body Himalayan salt stone massage relaxes as it balances the central nervous system. This results in very deep relaxations, improves sleep and reduces inflammation in addition to mild exfoliation.

Time Price
50 minutes $80

Craniosacral Therapy

This therapy improves your body’s ability to take better care of you. It helps relieve a full spectrum of pain, illness, and dysfunction, including: Migraines and headaches, chronic neck and back pain, stress and tension related disorders, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, central nervous system disorders, and many more conditions.


Reflexology is a focused pressure technique usually directed at the feet or hands. It is based on the premise that these are zones and reflexes on different parts of the body which correspond to and are relative to all parts, glands, and organs. The benefits are relaxation with removal of stress.